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Jewellery Designer opens the door to Sherlock inspired designs * 29 January 2014


One of the most exciting talents on the UK jewellery scene currently, Sophie Honeybourne, has turned her creative eye to the production of a miniature world of our favourite consulting detective in the form of Sherlock inspired pendants.

Sherlockology met Sophie, a graduate of the Royal College of Art whose work is exhibited in many prestigious galleries around the country, last summer while visiting her jewel-box shop and studio in the Victorian seaside town of Ventnor, Isle of Wight.

After falling in love with her work, the conversation naturally turned to Sherlock Holmes - as is so often does with us - and soon the idea germinated for Sophie to design a Sherlock inspired piece for us.

"This is exactly the kind of commission I love to work on," Sophie told us, "My husband and I are also huge Sherlock fans, new and old, and frequently listen to the BBC audio plays whilst working in the workshop."

The result was a truly stunning miniature replica door in oxidised black sterling silver with 9ct gold door numbers, knocker and letterbox. Taking a closer look reveals Sophie's extraordinary attention to detail. She even includes the keyholes and decorative glass panel above the door. "I got completely locked in to miniature Sherlock world," Sophie later explained after presenting the finished pieces to us. "I hadn't really seen the leaded glass window on first inspection and had to spend a lot of time on it as was such a lot of tiny detail. It has been one of my toughest challenges yet, but a very cool project to work on!" are looking to offer Honeybourne Jewellery '221B' hand finished cast sterling silver miniature doors soon, but in the meantime you can visit Sophie's website at, find her on Facebook or pop into her shop in Ventnor, which is well worth a visit.