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Sherlock Chronicles - Review * 05 November 2014

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Here's the basic, cut to the chase first line of this review - if you're a Sherlock fan, you'll want a copy of BBC Books' Sherlock Chronicles.

It's that simple.

But if you needed any further convincing, we'll give you a more detailed opinion.

This is a brand new, content rich, dimensionally compact but nicely thick hardcover that details the complete production of BBC Sherlock, springing from the historic background of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's creation of the legendary character, to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' mutual love of those stories and other works produced on stage and screen that all formed the germ of an idea that become our beloved television series. It then breaks down sequentially into a chapter by chapter, episode by episode look at the production of the series.

You may potentially have heard that story before, but here it is presented in a new and fresh way. For example, from the off, we're shown the original emails from the days of the series conception - from the back and forth between Steven, Mark and Sue Vertue as the idea took hold among them to the palpable excitement between them as Benedict Cumberbatch is cast and welcomed to the project. Alongside this private correspondence, we are given access to a wealth of never before seen photography by the behind the scenes players, including Arwel Wyn Jones' recce photos while hunting for locations, and rare images such as the only imagery of Mark in costume as Mycroft during production of Series One - kept hidden due to the huge secrecy surrounding the identity of his character before broadcast.  Also on display are side by side comparisons of extracts of the original canon stories alongside the scripts for the episodes, and deleted material from the episodes as well.

Spread throughout the structure of each chapter are interviews with key players, with the focus shifting from individuals who work across the entire series to those who may only have contributed to Sherlock the once. It  takes in everything from an actor's thoughts on their character, a director's approach to their episode, and the work that goes into the production design, costume design, hair and make-up application, practical and visual effects, music scoring, editing and graphic design in an episode.

All that remains to be said is that this is a truly essential purchase, as we might have already mentioned. Sumptuously illustrated and not without some genuine surprises - the original ideas for how Sherlock was to meet his 'end' during The Reichenbach Fall are a particular highlight for us - this is a brilliant, broad yet all encompassing look at the creation of Sherlock by the people who brought it to life. 

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