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Sherlockology's Top 5 Musical Sherlock Tributes * 16 April 2016

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With the BBC Proms 2016 programme released this week our thoughts turn to music performed Sherlock style, and we have put together a list of our favourite music videos on YouTube that have been influenced by the series.


Produced, directed by and starring Californian violinist Albert Chang, "Sleightly musical magician and musician" as Sherlock Holmes and cellist Kevin Chung as John Watson. The arrangement as sheet music is available to download as is the track itself on Louder.

A musical tribute video with an original case to crack! In this, Sherlock employs his mind palace and deductive (not to mention Adobe After Effects) skills to great effect to solve the murder of a violinist through playing music. Both beautifully performed and nicely shot, it utilises screen techniques that are keenly observed from the series. This video is masterfully done, but Sherlock might need a new violin by the close (Spoilers, Sweetie!)


Written and performed by David Weese and Derek Sena, both the audio and sheet music are available to download for free.

Opening with John Watson watching a BBC television interview with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman talking about the first series of Sherlock way back when in July 2010 (which is interesting enough in itself as this was before the first episode had even aired) he receives a text to "Bring Guitars. SH". The crime fighting duo then proceed to perform a fine guitar arrangement of the Sherlock theme, while reenacting iconic scenes from all six episodes included in both the first and second series.

Characters such the serial killer Jeff Hope the cabbie and the pink lady Jennifer Wilson from 'A Study In Pink', not to mention the woman herself, Irene Adler, all make an appearance, as do locations inspired by Dartmoor in 'The Hounds of Baskerville', the skate park in 'The Blind Banker' and the railway lines from 'The Great Game' among others. There's plenty of Easter Eggs too from the series to look out for, from Sherlock's mind palace and the yellow spray paint when he's bored, and Sherlock wouldn't be Sherlock without his iconic wardrobe and that purple shirt!

Directed, shot and edited by Californian film graduate, Elizabeth Ekema-Nardella, her normal order of business is offering a video and photography service usually in the form of theatre performances, weddings and portraits, but here she creates an authentic musical and visual treat for the Sherlock connoisseur.


Performed and arranged by Bonnie Von Duyke, she offers Skype video violin lessons should you want to try your hand at playing this yourself.

Describing herself as a "Violinist/Fighter/Actress living in LA", Bonnie not only plays the violin in this, but also takes on the role of both Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler. Produced at such a staggeringly high standard, this really is one of the best Sherlock musical videos on You Tube!

Directed by filmmaker, Leo Kei Angelos, this has it all. With stunning underwater shots by Lucas Pitassi, the video even has wardrobe and hair and make-up credits and features floating deduction screen text, brilliant fight scenes chorography (who knew the violin bow could be such a dangerous weapon?), rooftop cityscape sunset backdrops and beautiful night locations. The music itself is a collection of various character themes used throughout all three series of Sherlock and is supported by an orchestral cue from film and video game composer Ryan Richko, RKVC dubstep remix and "rockstar" cellist, Jean-Paul Barjon. If you haven't come across it already, this one is a real must see.


Music and Lyrics by Antonius Nazareth and starring Travis Kent as Sherlock Holmes and Andrew Keenan-Bolger as Jon Watson, the track is available to download on iTunes and Louder.

This will make you hope that one day BBC Sherlock might be turned into a Westend or Broadway musical, or Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat will pull a Joss Whedon style genre twist, as he did with Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the episode, 'Once More, With Feeling'! Set directly after 'The Reichenbach Fall', this tells the story of Sherlock's "Not Dead" reappearance in John's life and even includes a punch and bloody nose for his trouble. The character of Sherlock is perfectly portrayed with his lack of understanding of the impact his actions had on John, his joy at the success of his scheme and John being suitably outraged but ultimately forgiving, with a healthy dose of platonic bromance between them as together again the game is on. It is very cleverly written, extremely funny and just really, really catchy, plus it looks like they were shooting in conditions even colder than Cardiff and London in the first series.

Created by brothers Antonius and Vijay in New York, AVbyte combine action VFX with musical theatre with the mission statement, "We make people sing and dance!" and boy, do they keep that promise. Trust us, once you've heard this song, you'll be humming it all day long. There is also a behind the scenes video you can watch here to fully appreciate what went into the making of it and the fun they had.


No Sherlock musical YouTube tribute list could be complete without mentioning the extraordinary Sherlock Fan Orchestra! And best of all, all their tracks are available to download on Soundcloud.

This was their third video for which they received 142 submissions from 108 members of the orchestra, while membership numbers at the time of publication in 2014 had broken the 500 mark. It is astounding testament to both the popularity of Sherlock the series and Michael Price and David Arnold's exquisite score.

And just because we can't get enough of the Sherlock soundtrack, we heartily recommend Sherlock Meets Metal by electric guitarist Eric Calderone, Sherlock's Theme/Taxi Chase by Violistbaka and Sherlock Theme by The Indian Jam Project - and make sure to check the video descriptions as they are all available to download too.

Have we missed your favourite Sherlock music video? Let us know in the comments below.