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Sherlock Series 4 has wrapped! * 06 August 2016

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Sherlock Series Four has officially completed principal photography, with production on the third episode in the series wrapping in the early evening of Friday August 5. Filming on this episode lasted longer than usual for an episode of Sherlock as a break was inserted for major crew to visit San Diego Comic Con. Filming began on Sherlock Series Four on April 6 2016.

Much like the first episode to shoot in the series this instalment is shrouded in mystery, with no new major guest actors announced in advance of filming. Filming on the episode was completely London-free, with production taking place exclusively in Wales. As usual  on the fourth series, production was based out of Pinewood Studios Wales. Location filming took place in plenty of rural and coastal spots - with one in particular being extremely familiar. Southerndown Beach will be instantly recognisable as Bad Wolf Bay if you're a Doctor Who fan, and in this episode of Sherlock it looks set to play an important role if the Series Four trailer is anything to go on...

S 4-trailer -southerndown

Sherlock Series Four will now begin post production in earnest. Episodes must be edited, sound must be mixed, and music must be composed before the new series can be aired, likely on January 1 2017 in the UK.

Sherlock Series Four

S4E1: Written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Rachel Talalay.

S4E2: Written by Steven Moffat, directed by Nick Hurran.

S4E3: Written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, directed by Benjamin Caron.

The series is already available to pre-order on DVD and Blu Ray in the UK.


Blu Ray:

Blu Ray Steelbook:

DVD S1-4 + The Abominable Bride:

Blu Ray S1-4 + The Abominable Bride:

Below is a selection of images from cast and crew commemorating their production wraps on Sherlock S4E3.

S 4-wrap -amanda

Amanda Abbington wrapped her filming schedule much earlier than many major cast on the series... (via Twitter)

S 4-wrap -louise

Louise Brealey wrapped a couple of days early on August 2 2016. (via Twitter)

S 4-wrap -arwel

Arwel Wyn Jones with Benedict and Martin early on wrap day. (via Twitter)

S 4-wrap -danny

Special Effects Supervisor Danny Hargreaves with Benedict (via Twitter)

S 4-wrap -ben

Director Benjamin Caron with Benedict and Martin. (via instagram)

S 4-wrap -mark

Mark Gatiss announces the completion of filming, with an all important hint... (via Twitter)