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PREVIEW – The Sherlock Puzzle Book * 19 October 2017


Ever fancied testing your grey matter in a way befitting Sherlock Holmes?

Well, BBC Books may have a solution to that desire.

Arriving next week on Thursday 26th October is The Sherlock Puzzle Book, a new title filled with fiendish brain teasers based around the stories of every episode. Written by Chris Maslanka and Steve Tribe, the book isn't filled simply with word searches and the like - many of the puzzles take the form of original fiction and newly invented scenes in each story.

Here's an extract from a puzzle from The Blind Banker chapter to demonstrate.

'It's not going to work, Mrs Hudson!' exploded Sherlock. 

'Oh, Sherlock - at least let me try!' wailed Mrs Hudson. 

'Excuse me.' John was standing in the doorway. 'What's going on?' 

'John, dear, thank heavens. You talk to him. Try and make him see reason.' 

'Reason? Ha! For reasons best known to herself, Mrs Hudson has decided to ensure I have a fresh shirt every day.' 

'Outrageous,' said John. 'I can see why you'd be upset.' 

'I've got a plan and everything,' Mrs Hudson told him. 'Every Friday morning, I'll take a week's worth of shirts to the launderette and pick up the load I left the previous Friday.' 

'It's a stupid plan,' shouted Sherlock. 'It will fall at the first fence.' 

'Especially as he's only got five shirts,' said John. 

What is the minimum number of shirts Sherlock needs for Mrs Hudson's plan to succeed?

 Like you what you read there? We're delighted to say BBC Books have given us some exclusive puzzles from the book to preview over the next week up to release.

We'll be releasing them daily on our social media channels, and then revealing the answers on the day of publication - October 26 2017 - for them all. Including the one above!

Tag your answers with #SherlockPuzzleBook to discuss online.

There's no prize involved here, just the satisfaction of cracking each brain teaser - after all, that's what keeps a certain detective going.

If you like what you're reading each day, you can pre-order the book for release day delivery from Amazon UK.