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The Sherlock Puzzle Book answers! * 26 October 2017

Sherlock Puzzlebook -web

The Sherlock Puzzle Book is out today, and for the past week we've been teasing you with mind benders to lead up to the release!

If you haven't done so already, you can pre-order your copy from Amazon UK.

But here's what you've all be waiting for... the answers!


01_A-Logical -Question -graphic -web


If John didn't want coffee he would know the answer to "Do you all want coffee?" was "No". So he wanted coffee; so did Sherlock. Only Mycroft didn't, which was why he said, "No".

02_A-Special -Day -graphic -web


'Today' and 'tomorrow' both begin with T. To have as many days beginning with T as possible, we should make sure that neither today nor tomorrow is Tuesday or Thursday. As we're not counting weekends, that leaves only Friday!

03_An -impossible -sum -graphic -web

Solution -3



04_Anagram -graphic -web


"Vatican Cameos!"

Of course!


05_Not -a -Fan -Then -graphic -web


If you shift each letter one earlier in the alphabet, you get:


06_The -Language -of -Flowers -graphic -web



The initials of the flowers listed by Mrs Hudson are IIDTO. As Sherlock put it: "You don't imagine they stood for 'I DO IT', do you? No, it can only be 'IDIOT'."
"You must be very upset," deadpanned John.
"Oh yes, heartbroken. He doesn't believe it's true or he wouldn't have sent it. No, it's meant to wind me up. But the fact that he spends his time on this pettiness tells me that my existence gets to him, because he knows I am the one thing that can stop him. So in a backhanded sort of way, it's a compliment. Oh - and a threat."
"A threat?"
"Well, yes. 'I know where you live.'"


We also posed a question in the announcement article for The Sherlock Puzzle Book last week, and so to relieve the terrible suspense from there, here's that bonus answer to put you out of your misery!


When Mrs Hudson takes some of Sherlock's shirts to the launderette, they will be out of action for just over a week from the time she leaves 221B Baker Street to the time it takes her to collect them and bring them back again. In that time Sherlock will need eight shirts, unless he is to be shirtless while Mrs Hudson goes to fetch the shirts. Of course, he could get around this by swanning around the flat in a dressing gown until she gets back. But what if he had to rush out on a case? He'd be shirt-locked.

We hope you've enjoyed trying to think like Sherlock Holmes this week. There are plenty more puzzles like this in The Sherlock Puzzle Book - out now!