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Interview: Sherlock inspired Jewellery from Honeybourne * 14 December 2017

1-Sophie _and _Raff

In May 2014, we announced a range of Sherlock inspired and handcrafted pieces from Honeybourne Jewellery. Designed by award winning jewellery designer, Sophie Honeybourne, exclusively for Sherlockology, the iconic front door to Sherlock Holmes' home address and featuring the phrase,'If lost please return to... 221b Baker Street' were immortalised in cast solid oxidised sterling silver and 18ct gold gilt. Due to the overwhelming popularity of those original pieces, Sophie recently produced two all new designs available as pendants, earrings, cufflinks and pins; the 221B living room Bison Skull and Moriarty's I.O.U. carved apple!

We caught up with Sophie to talk about Sherlock, ask her just how she goes about creating such unique pieces, and life on the Isle of Wight.

Q1. How long have you been a jewellery designer for and what inspired you to become one?

I've been making jewellery for over 20 years. Mid way through my degree in 3D design, I completed a short course in jewellery and completely fell in love with the idea of making 3D objects for the body. I went on to specialise in jewellery and gold smithing gaining an MA at London's Royal College of Art. On graduating, I built a workshop in my mum's garden shed and the rest is history!!

Q2. What pieces do most enjoy designing?

Anything new! I'm lucky as although our shop is jam packed with off the peg pieces and collections that we create in-house the bespoke side of our business invites customer's to collaborate with us, bringing their ideas to life with our guidance, creating beautiful one off pieces.

2-Honeybourne -221B-door

Q3. How did you approach designing the Sherlock pieces?

The 221B doors were one of my biggest challenges. To recreate such an iconic image to scale in miniature (including tiny door knocker, handle and letterbox!) was no mean feat! But I was really happy with the result and loved the contrast of the gold plating against the black oxidisation. I loved making the new pieces, Bison Skull and Moriarty's Apple. I collaborated with hand engraver Peter Harris to etch the lines of the Bison skull, I then over laid the headphones to give it a more 3D quality. Moriarty's Apple was constructed in layers to give the cut out 'IOU' effect. The oxidation really accentuates the detail.

3-Honeybourne -Bison _Skull _design

Q4. Were you a Sherlock or Sherlock Holmes fan before you created the range?

Yes! My husband, Raff (and co-owner of Honeybourne Jewellery), work very long hours together in the workshop and have listened to all of the abridged radio 4 adaptations (a lot!) and have loved the BBC Sherlock.

Q5. Sherlock producer Sue Vertue owns the original hand made one of a kind door pendant the cast '221B Door' necklace was based on. But is it true it's not the only Honeybourne piece she and husband Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat own?

Yes, Sue commissioned us to make a pair of 221B cufflinks for her husband Steven Moffat and then at a later date, a pair of Tardis cufflinks as she said that Steven doesn't like to favour either series!.

6-Honeybourne -Tardis _for _Steven _Moffat


Q6. You're based on the Isle of Wight and a certain person that is very prominent in Sherlock happened to get married on the island in 2015. I bet that was exciting for the locals?

The marriage of Benedict and Sophie created a real buzz on the Island. Islanders are proud of their home with its unspoiled, beautiful beaches, countryside and woodlands and it was an honour that the happy couple chose to marry here.

Q7. Have any Sherlock fans visited you into your shop in Ventnor?

Yes, quite a few!

5-Honeybourne -IOU_Apple _process

4-Honeybourne -Bison _Skull _process

Q8. What feedback have you received from Sherlock fans for your pieces?

Really positive. We posted them all over the world and were blown away by their success. We saw lots of pictures of fans wearing them and gained lots of new followers to our social media sites.

Q9. And finally, if Sherlock and John visited you on the Isle of Wight, what would you recommend is a must-see for them?

I'm sure they'd enjoy a pot of tea and a slice of cake at Dimbola Lodge as its steeped in history. And if they had time, a trip to Honeybourne Jewellery of course!!!

You can follow Sophie and read all about her new Honeybourne Jewellery pieces as she creates them, by visiting the blog on her official website at

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