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#TheGameIsNow – but what is it? * 22 May 2018

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Earlier on this very fine International Sherlock Holmes Day, a mysterious video appeared online featuring Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, both in typically jesterous mood. Delightfully, they're seated in front of some famous lounge wallpaper, and have brought us news of the approach of a new Sherlock adventure - though mercifully they manage our expectations by firmly stating within the video that this isn't a new special episode, series, or even a film.

Whatever is coming though has the full backing of the team at Hartswood Films. There are some clues that lie within the video. Look closely, past Mark channelling a spot of Tony Stark in that Bruce Lee DJ tee, and you can spot both are wearing stickers bearing the logo that flashes up at the close of the teaser. That simple fact could a good tell as to what kind of experience is coming - what sort of story needs a sticker to hype it? Extremely intriguing, and considering a jigsaw is also mentioned as a not-possibility, a real puzzle.

In the meantime, while we all impatiently wait for the reveal of exactly what is coming, we'd follow Steven and Mark's advice and head to www.thegameisnow.com and to sign up to the just launched mailing list (trust us, you'll WANT to sign up. Bring your headphones) to be the first to know when this new Sherlock adventure (that is definitely not a series) will be announced, and also follow the hashtag #TheGameIsNow for further updates and to post your own rampant speculations!

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