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#TheGameIsNow – and Mycroft wants YOU to solve it! * 05 June 2018

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The secret is out! As teased by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss on May 22, a new Sherlock adventure has been revealed at last - and this one is something different and altogether real.

Co-scripted with both Steven and Mark and produced by Time Run, the leading innovator in escape room games, Sherlock: The Game Is Now is the world's first escape room to be based on the BBC series. Coming first to central London in October 2018 ahead of a promised global role out, the immersive game experience will take a group of four to six players through detailed recreations of environments from the series over the real-time runtime of an episode-length 90 minutes. Those taking part will find themselves solving puzzles, challenges and mysteries against the clock while encountering characters from the series in brand new pre-recorded video and audio sequences featuring the original series cast.

A new trailer for The Game Is Now has also been released today featuring Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes, giving a good sense of the new content created for the experience - full costume, original sets, and a healthy dollop of that delicious Mycroft snark.

Tickets are due to go on sale today, June 5 2018, priced at £54 per person. Advance booking is recommended to secure the ever-popular evening and weekend slots.

Here's the full press release from Time Run, announcing the full details of this unique collaboration with Hartswood Films and KIN Partners:

A GAME-CHANGER FOR LONDON: From October 2018, fans of the hit TV series can step into the world of Sherlock for the ultimate gaming challenge to find out…are you as smart as the illustrious detective?

This immersive real-life game begins with master detective Sherlock mysteriously "indisposed" and his famous Network of informants and operatives beginning to deplete. There's a recruitment drive on. Doyouhave what it takes to join the Network? Players will be invited to an induction session in a central London location… but that induction will then take a surprising and sinister turn.

"Suddenly YOU are in Sherlock's shoes," says Josh Ford Co-Founder of Time Run, London's leading name in escape room games. "We're going to empower you to think like Sherlock and be the hero in your own real-life episode of the TV series."

 "This is a fantastic opportunity to bring to life a brand that fits live gaming perfectly, and we're incredibly excited about it.  Our games provide a moment of true escapism."

'Sherlock' producer Sue Vertue and showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have consulted on and co-scripted the experience, which features specially-recorded video and audio elements with characters from the show. The 17,000 sq ft production comprises five identical multi-room experiences and brings the intrigue and excitement of detection to a central London location.

SHERLOCK: THE GAME IS NOW marks an exciting new venture for Time Run's co-founders KIN Partners, the international entertainment partnership launched by 19 Entertainment's former Senior Vice President Simon Oliveira and Creative Artists Agency's Senior Executive Matthew Kay. Says Simon Oliveira: "In today's interactive world the fan wants to be the protagonist. Rather than passively taking in TV or movies or theatre, we want to be part of the story with our friends.

With SHERLOCK: THE GAME IS NOWwe're going to bring this beloved, world-famous fictional world alive in the way the fans have every right to expect. And we're thrilled that the creators of 'Sherlock' love Time Run so much that they've chosen us to partner with."

Sherlock co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss added: "We can't wait to try out these brilliant, mind-bending puzzles and (try to) prove we know what we're talking about! Helping out Sherlock on an actual case is what we always dreamed of doing and now is our chance - even if he doesn't want idiots as colleagues..."

Learn more and purchase tickets now at www.sherlockgame.com


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