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Waddingtons [Now Hasbro]
Nostalgia Wooden Edition
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A classic board game of detective work and murder, Cluedo [Clue in the United States] was originally published in 1949 by the Waddingtons game company. The game features a maximum of six players, each deducing the identity of the killer of the eternally murdered Dr. Black, using a variety of weapons and in a certain room on the game board. In total there are 324 distinct possibilities for the correct deduction. And clearly it wouldn't be much fun to play the game with Sherlock, so no wonder we see the game board impaled on the wall above the fireplace.

Numerous versions of the game now exist, since the production rights passed to the toy manufacturer Hasbro, but the version seen onscreen is a reproduction of the classic original board, available as the Nostalgia Wooden Edition.

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