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Aerospatiale [Eurocopter]
AS355 Twin Squirrel
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Mycroft Holmes dispatches an AS355 Twin Squirrel Helicopter to pluck John Watson from the scene of a highly unusual crime and spirit him to Buckingham Palace during the early stages of 'A Scandal in Belgravia.'

The AS355 is a twin engine light utility helicopter, designed and first flown in the 1970s by Aerospatiale. The company has since been absorbed into the Eurocopter group, which sees the helicopter most commonly labelled as the Eurocopter AS355. The aircraft is popular among military and police forces worldwide due to its speed and flexibility, requiring only one pilot but holding the capacity for six passengers. It features a cruise speed of 139mph, a maximum speed of 172mph, and has a maximum flight ceiling of 11,150 feet.

The specific helicopter seen onscreen in A Scandal in Belgravia was built in 1982, and has changed hands and roles a number of times, starting in private ownership but then moving to use by North East Ambulance Trust as an air ambulance, then use as a Police helicopter, before reverting to a hire vehicle for film and television at Elstree Film Studios and finally back to private charter use. The aircraft is currently operated by Potter Aviation [ ], who hired the helicopter out for filming in Sherlock.

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