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Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone
Constellation Quest
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As befits the extreme value of the information it contains, Irene Adler's phone is a handset beyond luxury. It's a Vertu Constellation Quest, specifically one fashioned in Black PVD stainless steel, yellow gold, carbon fibre, and pyramid embossed black leather.

Vertu is a British based subsidiary company of Nokia, and their products are designed to appeal to the very wealthy who are looking to make a statement, in the same way as Rolex and Gucci. The Constellation Quest is actually based off Nokia design, physically very similar to the E72 handset and featuring the now defunct Symbian Operation System internally, with some exclusive refinements and above average storage compared to other handsets.

Irene's phone is one of the top of the range models at its £17,300 value - the Constellation Quest pricing starts at £5,900, and the cost goes up depending on the materials used. No wonder she keeps it locked up in a safe - though perhaps more remarkable is Sherlock's ability to go out and buy another in an attempt to fool her!

Series 4