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Keep Calm... Mug

Keep Calm... Mug
Keep Calm... Mug
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Though it takes a bit of a spill in The Reichenbach Fall, the distinctive mug the warden of Pentonville Prison enjoys drinking his favourite beverage from is thankfully shatterproof. A traditional tin mug protected by an enamel coating, the slogan on the side was designed in 1939 but never widely used as morale boosting propaganda for the British population during the Second World War. A copy of the poster was rediscovered in a bookshop in Northumberland, UK, in 2000, and thanks to the elapsed time was exempt from Crown Copyright and was thus in the public domain. It has been reprinted on a vast variety of products ever since, and has been spoofed and re-imagined in countless other media and cultural sources.

Though the mug seen onscreen in The Reichenbach Fall is in black font, the mug is more commonly available in a red font - if you aren't overly fussy and just wish to live up to that steadfast British spirit.

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