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Poppy Love

Poppy Love
Poppy Love
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The second in a series of books written by Natasha May and illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas, Poppy Loves Faces the Music is one of the books found in Claudie Bruhl's toy chest at St Aldate's Boarding School. The books take the form of short stories based around a group of young dancers, and are aimed at pre-teen girls.

Samba, quickstep, tango and waltz - Poppy loves to dance them all!

'Poppy Love, her dance partner, Zack, and Zack's cousin, Anna, attend a tea dance and dance the waltz for everyone; Poppy turns her brother's birthday party into a real surprise when she and her friends provide the entertainment; Zack loses heart with his dancing - will Poppy lose her partner? Four stories that sparkle in this shining new series about dance.'

Series 4