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Riding Crop

Riding Crop
Riding Crop
Mark Todd
Braided Leather Riding Crop
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The Mark Todd Braided Leather Riding Whip in an extremely stylish piece, with some fine details creating an attractive, as well as an effective, piece of tack that can really bring some thing to your riding.

This whip sits somewhere in the middle in terms of length, longer than the conventional jumping bat and allowing for more general use. The Mark Todd Braided Leather Riding Whip has a folded leather flap at the striking end, making for a wider point of contact that offers a clear and confident strike when used.

A braided leather structure is used in the main section of the whip, creating a cross over effect along much of the length that provides a striking detail upon closer inspection. For the handle, the Mark Todd Braided Leather Riding Whip uses a ridged section that has a real textured quality to it. This offers enhanced grip through an increased presence within the hand, with the handle almost being divided into sections to allow the fingers to slip inside the grooves a little.

As well as this, wide buttons are placed at either end of the handle, meaning that should the Mark Todd Braided Leather Riding Whip slip around in your hand, it will not leave your grip completely, these buttons catching onto the end of your hand. The Mark Todd Braided Black Leather Riding Whip comes in a 68 cm length.

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