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Led Lenser 8407 P7 – Black
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With 200 lumens of focusable light and 130 hours of battery life from a standard set of AAA batteries, the P7 will far outshine any other light of its size. Add to that a simple-to-use spot-to-flood changing system and you'll find yourself in control of the most amazingly simple to use yet astonishingly powerful addition to your arsenal. Fantastic for home or work. LEDs offer many advantages over conventional incandescent bulbs. They are incredibly energy efficient, longer lasting, more compact and more durable. Led Lenser's reflector tubes are lined with Italian crystal and precisely shaped to pump up the light produced by the LED for a broader and more powerful beam.

The Prism Reflector System on the Led Lenser V6 6 Chip White Light solves the traditional problem with LEDS: intense up-close, but lacking beam depth and distance. This patented system harnesses each LEDs power and drives it forward in a beam like traditional incandescent torches but with all the advantages of LED technology. It features 24-carat gold contacts, a superior electrical conductor which minimises energy lost at the contact points and maximises energy that goes into light production, plus solid metal casings where most competitors would have plastic. Led Lenser use only the highest wattage and the finest quality LEDs and laboratory test our lights to determine precise milliwatt output.

Series 4