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4/4 Vintage Violin
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In Series Two, Sherlock owns and plays a vintage German violin made circa 1880. It is made from well flamed maple with a fine belly grain, and varnished in orangey brown. The exact manufacturer and place of origin is unknown, though it is known to be 'factory made' rather than by a dedicated violin maker.

The violin was chosen by Cardiff Violins for loan to the production team specifically for its tone and age - the instrument was made around the time of the publication of Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories.

The violin is currently owned and regularly played by a member of the Sherlockology team.

It is worth noting that the music you hear performed onscreen is not produced by this violin. While Benedict Cumberbatch learnt how to play in a week and performed live on the set under the tutelage of violinst Eos Chater, thanks to the nature of television post production all the audio had to be re-recorded.

For further information on the use of this violin on set, you can read Eos Chater's blog post on the experience of teaching Benedict Cumberbatch how to play HERE.



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