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Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Accuracy International
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Arctic Warfare Covert
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Perched at a high vantage point, aiming through a window, the mysterious gunman aiming at John Watson's head in the dramatic closing scenes of The Reichenbach Fall is using an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Covert bolt action sniper rifle.

The weapon is distinctive for its compact shape, featuring a folding stock and removable suppression barrel to blunt the sound of its firing. Onscreen, the gunman also attaches a tripod mount to steady his aim. The entire gun can be assembled and dismantled quickly for rapid use by an operator, and is stored in a supplied suitcase for easy portability. The Arctic Warfare Covert is used by Special Forces worldwide, including the United States' Delta Force and the Special Air Service of the British Army. 

Accuracy International is a specialist British weapons manufacturer, established in 1978 in part by Olympic Gold medallist Malcolm Cooper MBE. The company supplies sniper rifles to the British Army. The Arctic Warfare Super Magnum, a larger sibling to the Arctic Warfare Covert seen in Sherlock and designated L11A51 by the Army, holds the world record for the longest range combat kill, from a distance of over 1.5 miles.

Both rifles have notably been supplied to the British armed forces during combat in Afghanistan.

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