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The Falls of the Reichenbach

The Falls of the Reichenbach
The Falls of the Reichenbach
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Painted in 1804 by the renowned British artist JMW Turner, 'The Falls of the Reichenbach' depicts the famous waterfall of the River Aar near Meiringen in central Switzerland. Turner was a controversial figure in his day, working primarily in watercolour and focusing largely on landscapes, but is now renowned as one of the foremost figures in the Romantic genre. In the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Reichenbach Falls are of course the location where Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty, locked in mortal combat, supposedly fell to their mutual demise in 'The Final Problem'.

The original watercolour painting by JMW Turner measures 69 x 102 cms / 27.2 x 40.2 inches, and is held in the collection of the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery in Bedfordshire, UK. The gallery is closed for renovation until early 2013 however, so the work is not on public display.

Prints of the painting are freely available from many shops selling fine art.

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