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Lizzie Hudson

Dear Sherlock Holmes. My friend at school Kirsty Stapleton said you could help me as you helped her find her rabbit. Well she said you never replied but Bluebell was back in her hutch afterwards and her Mum said you found her. I think you found the wrong rabbit though as she had a funny freckle thing on her ear and this one didn’t. Kirsty said Bluebell didn’t glow in dark after that too but I never believed her about that anyway. My rabbit is ok but I want you to help find who broke my easter egg please? Mum won one of those Gelding’s Chocolate Limited Edition Neapolitan Easter Eggs for me. It was very special as there is only six in the whole world. This morning when we came downstairs it had been smashed to bits. It wasn’t my brother as he would have eaten it and all the pieces were still there. So please would you help find out who did it. Kirsty says you are the cleverest grown up she has ever heard of! Thanks, Lizzie xx P.S. I’ll be 9 next month.

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  • Brother, I require your services.
  • What now?
  • I have seen the posting by dear little Lizzie Hudson on your website, the one you have thus far failed to respond to.
  • Yes. It’s boring.
  • But clearly part of a pattern. There has been a break in at Number 10 Downing Street. It seems one of the remaining Geldings Eggs has been smashed there. The Prime Minister’s children are distraught.
  • How sad.
  • Indeed. Regardless, it seems only your skills could explain how the perpetrator was able to breach security and enter the building. And the fact that there are six of these Neapolitan Eggs seems remarkably similar to your case with the ‘Thatchers.’
  • She doesn’t live at Number 10 anymore Mycroft.
  • Very droll. I need you to visit the Prime Minister, but also account for the three remaining eggs. There is clearly something of importance regarding them.
  • Three? Only two have been smashed. That makes five. You said six. Basic arithmetic.
  • Yes, another is safely in my possession. Nothing remarkable about it at all.
  • How can chocolate be ‘safe’ with you Mycroft?
  • Amusing. Just be discreet. We would rather the gutter press doesn’t become aware of this.
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Good Friday Email
Saturday Blog
23rd April 2011

The Six Neapolitans

Well this was another odd one. You’ve probably seen stuff in the papers about some of this case, and I can say that yes, we were involved, and yes, we got to go to Downing Street, but I can’t say how the burglar got in there (thanks Mycroft)

More interesting is the end of the whole thing though. Yesterday Sherlock got wind that Boudewijn was trying to find something he had hidden in one of the eggs when he worked at Gelding’s, so with the help of Lestrade we laid a trap for him, and caught him at the house of the poet laureate!

Boudewijn ran out the back door and smashed the egg on the ground, and then Sherlock just sort of leapt on him. Quite exciting really. Of course there was nothing in the egg, which seemed to please Sherlock quite a bit. Lestrade carted Boudewijn off to Scotland Yard, then came over to Baker Street. Mycroft had turned up too.

Sherlock appeared, and revealed he’d bought the last egg off a pop star he didn’t know the name of. (God knows how he got the money for that.) He then made a big show of smashing the thing open, and there inside was a bag FULL of diamonds. For some reason this seemed to piss Sherlock off, he seemed to think there would have been a bit more to it than that. I think the thing at Christmas with the goose must have gotten his hopes up that there would be a single rare jewel or something in there. Sherlock called them ‘worthless’ and stormed off. He’s still playing his bloody violin now.

Lestrade says Boudewijn was in debt, and stole the diamonds. He won’t let on who from, but considering a hit man was after Boudewijn, I have my suspicions. Was hoping we’d seen the last of him though, so I’m not putting his name in case I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong.

Odd thing though. Mycroft picked the bag of diamonds up and took them, rather than Lestrade. Guess Greg had no choice but to let him. Mycroft still hasn’t shown us any proper evidence he did end up with the other egg though, but knowing him he has probably eaten it already.


John, I told you not to tell everyone about the unsolved ones!

Sherlock Holmes 23 April 16:34

Sherlock, this one IS solved. It’s just you found it rather disappointing in the end. Lestrade had good things to say about you and this whole case after you’d stormed off though.

John Watson 23 April 17:02

Did he? Well that’s rather. Nice.

Sherlock Holmes 23 April 17:05

Steady on there Sherlock, we don’t want you sounding soft or anything.

John Watson 23 April 17:32
Saturday Blog
  • I trust you found what you had requested where I had left them? 
  • Well yes, thank you. Always like shiny things. Such a magpie me. Dead drops, proper exciting. Makes me feel like a Spy. Shame about Vernon. Did you tell Sherlock that you already found the 6th egg? 
  • Correct. At the start. 
  • Course you did. Only way he’d stop looking when the most valuable thing is still out there. 
  • Which is? 
  • Oh you’ll see. I can see why you like getting Sherlock to do all the work for you though, such fun to watch. Cheers for the diamonds, all I wanted from all this. Though I’ll probably only need to use one of them. Don’t ask why, it’ll spoil the surprise. 
  • Will you come in James? 
  • Don’t be silly. You’ll have to catch me. I’ll send over that last egg for you though, should be with you tomorrow. Heard you had a sweet tooth. Happy Easter Mr Holmes. M x 
Easter Monday Easter Competition 2012

We are delighted to reveal that HUGE surprise of the final day of our Easter Egg Hunt — A chance to win a copy of the script of ‘Sherlock: A Study in Pink’ signed by Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

The Competition is now closed

Congratulations to the winner:
Julia Scorupco from Moscow, Russia.

Download the original Sherlock Holmes story 'The Six Napoleons' here. Read it, enjoy it and use it to compare against our own modern interpretation we have published for this competition.