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While recovering from a gunshot wound inflicted by a mystery assailant, Sherlock Holmes decides that a Christmas with his parents, his friends and family may be the best solution for aiding in his recovery.

But is all what it seems...?

Along with each new page of the story, you'll also get the chance to enter our daily draw to win a copy of the Sherlock 2015 wall calendar, kindly donated by the lovely folks at Danilo. But that's not all!! Be sure to visit and enter every day for your chance to win an officially-licensed navy graffiti wool Sherlock scarf generously donated by Lovarzi, PLUS a money can't buy prize kindly donated by Sherlock producer herself, Sue Vertue and Hartswood Films which will be revealed on Christmas Day!! Remember the more daily draws you enter the more chances you'll have of winning the Christmas Day prize draw!

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  • I have an unusual request. Don’t be alarmed.
  • Oh good Lord.
  • I said don’t be alarmed.
  • You hardly ever contact me, let alone want anything of us. Of course I’m alarmed.
  • I would very much like to come home for Christmas.
  • Good Lord.
  • Yes. Of course you can dear.
  • We’ll make your room up.
  • And send your father out for a bigger tree.
  • I’ll invite Mykie too.
  • I am certain he will be thrilled.
  • This is your doing.
  • What do you mean?
  • Christmas. Mother. Father.
  • I was hardly in a position to argue.
  • It will be insufferable. Do you not remember the last time?
  • Warmly.
  • One thing Sherlock. I know you are keen to help seeing as this was all your idea (No, I didn’t tell your brother, as you asked) but I think you should leave the cooking to me.
  • If you insist.
  • You still need to rest. It’s very strenuous cooking a meal like that.
  • And I remember what you did to the turkey that time.
  • So does Mycroft.
  • Maybe it would be wise if I invited more people to make sure we both behave?
  • That might be sensible.
  • I’ll ask John and Mary Watson. They’re a lovely couple. Perfectly normal. You’ll adore them.
  • When I am discharged, I will be spending Christmas at my parents, not at Baker Street.
  • OK. I thought you couldn’t stand them.
  • Needs must John, I will need to recover. Very frustrating for the brain when the body is weak.
  • Would you like to come too?
  • I wouldn’t want to get in the way.
  • You won’t be. It’s not like you will be spending Christmas with Mary.
  • Thanks Sherlock, thanks for reminding me.
  • Yes, I’ll come.
  • Good.
  • I’m keen to send your brother a new jumper this year for him to wear on the day.
  • Do you know what size he is now?
  • Immeasurably less than he used to be.
  • Be kind.
  • You know I excel at that.
Mrs Watson
  • Have you seen John?
  • Off and on. He has mostly been at work. And Baker Street.
  • When I am out of the hospital, I will be going to my parents for Christmas. John is coming. I would like you to as well.
  • Why?
  • I want you both to see how boring normality is. And choose.
  • Are you doing anything on the 24/25?
  • Unbeliavably kind Shezza!
  • Yes, well.
  • Can you bring your chemistry kit?
  • Wow, we’re go to have a good xmas party then.
  • Something like that. More instructions by email.
  • Do you know if he has got it yet?
  • Will check. He is coming then?
  • Yes, fantastic!
  • Excellent. A Christmas to remember.
  • It is an impossibility that I will wear this.
  • If you aren’t going to wear it on the day, at least send her a picture.
  • And me as well.
  • No.
  • ‘Selfies’ are beneath me.
  • Then find someone else to take the photo.
  • It’s for Mummy, afterall.
  • You manipulative swine.
  • I am sure I have someone around here I can demote once they have taken it.
  • That’s the spirit!
  • Horrendous experience.
  • Far more flattering than your lycra leggings though.
  • Doesn’t your brother look fabulous in that knitwear?
  • Yes, spectacular.
  • Glad you are out of hospital. We are both very excited to see you.
Mrs Watson
  • I’ll come.
  • Good. My mother is dying to meet you. Not literally. Don’t get any ideas.
  • Very funny Sherlock.
  • You should know Mary is coming.
  • Fabulous.
  • My mother’s doing. This is your chance to patch things up.
  • I suppose. Assuming we won’t kill each other.
  • Not terribly in the spirit of the day. You are a better man than that John Watson.
  • Thank you. I think.
  • You should however bring your gun.
  • WHAT.
  • Wait. One of them is pregnant?
  • Is that a problem?
  • Why are you doing this by text? I said stick to email.
  • Sorry sorry. No, no problem. Just need to get my doses right.
  • Really, just communicate by email.
  • And I have complete faith in your abilities as a hopeless, feckless drug addict who has never keeled over from an overdose.
  • Thanks Mr Holmes.
  • So you are all going to your parents for Christmas?
  • Not all. Glen isn’t.
  • Who?
  • Oh. Greg.
  • I assumed you would still be angry with me.
  • I am. But not that much.
  • You would prefer it if you weren’t with us all this time.
  • Trust me.
  • OK. Well. I always do. For some reason.
  • I fear I will need to smoke.
  • You know she doesn’t like it.
  • Yes. I’ll expect you to bring them. You know I’m useless at hiding things from her.
  • The very definition of ironic in your case.
  • Be warned. They will be stronger than you are used to.
  • As I said. I fear I will need to smoke.
  • Mary is here. Are you running late? It’s nearly midnight.
  • Couldn’t get out of the surgery. Christmas Eve is a nightmare. I’ll be there tomorrow.
  • Is she alright?
  • Yes. She’s the size of a small building. Doesn’t seem homicidal.
  • And I think she wants to see her husband.
  • All of those sound like good things. Merry advance Christmas Sherlock.
  • Yes. See you in the morning.
  • Merry Christmas!
  • We’re delighted to reveal the grand prize in Holmes for Christmas, kindly supplied to us by the brilliant team at Hartswood Films :)
  • And what, pray tell, might that be?
  • Also, merry christmas I suppose.
  • A copy of the script for His Last Vow, signed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Louise Brealey, Una Stubbs, Jonathan Aris, Sue Vertue and Steven Moffat! With all those signatures, we think this is the best prize we’ve EVER given away – and if you’ve been entering the draw daily, you’re already in multiple chances to win it! In addition, the second prize winner will receive an official Sherlock Scarf supplied to us by the brilliant folks at Lovarzi, and 24 runners up will receive a Sherlock 2015 Wall Calendar, thanks to the guys at Danilo!

  • Brilliant!