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Easter is upon us once again and this year we decided to re-enact one of our favourite Sherlock scenes:

The Reichenbach Fall….. but with eggs.

Below you will find our ‘eggclusive’ take on this heart breaking moment. Sherlock tells John all ‘yoking’ aside that he has been the most ‘eggceptional’ friend. John then ‘scrambles’ to get to Sherlock but is it too late….

We hope you enjoy our episode of SHELLOCK – The Reichensplat Fall.

Do you have a favourite Sherlock Scene? Why not re-enact it with eggs or decorate an egg Sherlock style and send it over to us. We’ll create a collection of any entries we receive and put them together in an album on our Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest pages for all to see. You can tweet, tumble, Facebook or email your episodes to us, just be sure to include the hashtag #Shellock.


Shellock - The Reichensplat Fall

Shellock - The Reichensplat Fall
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