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In celebration of the release of Sherlock: The Casebook, the ultimate and official guide to the BBC series we’ve created our own casebook book complete with 6 cases for you to solve.

The Casebook draw is now closed. Many congratulations to our 6 winners who each receive a copy of Sherlock: The Casebook signed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (on bookplates) kindly provided by our friends at BBC Books.

You can order your own copy of the book from BBC Books here. For international delivery information from the BBC Shop, click here.
And you can also order the book from Amazon UK here. For information on international delivery rates from Amazon UK, click here.


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In order to crack this case you'll need to use your powers of observation to detect the 10 differences between the two images. Study them carefully for if you make 3 mistakes you'll need to start over.

Simply click on the photo where the differences appear to highlight them.

In order to crack this case you'll need to solve the mysterious sequence and decipher the code.

Click on a symbol and then choose a letter, if you are in easy mode the letter will appear red if incorrect and white if correct, in hard mode all the letters stay white. You are allowed to use 3 hints, simply click a symbol then the hint button to find out what letter that symbol is - the hint letters will appear in yellow.

Working under pressure is never easy. Can you re-wire the circuit in order to defuse the bomb before the timer runs out? Remember every second counts in this case!

Click on each of the cubes to rotate them in order to connect the circuit. The power source is located in the centre and you can follow the electricity flow as the wire will change from black to white when it is live. To solve the case you need to connect the circuit so all main points light up before the timer runs out.

You'll need to use your powers of deduction in this case to figure out the code to unlock the mobile phone.

Click on a button then pick a colour, when you have filled them all click the solve button. You will be provided feed back in the form of random spots (unrelated to actual button positions). A white spot means a correct guess in colour and position and a white outlined spot indicates a correct colour in the wrong position. You have 10 attempts to unlock the phone.

It's time to take a trip to your Mind Palace….

In order to solve this case you need to find all the matching pairs (in easy mode) or associated pairs (in hard mode). Simply click on a card to reveal its image and try to find its matching or related partner in the least number of moves.

It's time for the Final Problem....

We know Sherlock doesn’t like riddles but can you figure out the answers to these riddles and complete the last case?


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