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Blue Dressing Gown   * William Sherlock Scott Holmes

Navy Dressing Gown
Navy Dressing Gown
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The most commonly worn of Sherlock's dressing gowns is this Derek Rose Woburn 8 Navy Robe. Made from pure silk  with a satin stripe design, it features a shawl collar, breast pocket and two side pockets.

Derek Rose is widely recognised as the world's finest sleepwear brand. Based out of Saville Row in London, the company supplies sleepwear to premiere stores around the world.

 "[Sherlock's dressing gown originally came] from Believe me, budget was very tight and the one I wanted was thousands but I couldn't afford it. I had to find a similar alternative - there is always compromise on these productions. Very pleased with it, but if money had been no object, I had my eye on a lovely cashmere striped one. But when you've got budgets to stick by, you have to control yourself a bit."

- Sarah Arthur, Sherlock Costume Designer