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Coat   * William Sherlock Scott Holmes

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No longer available in the original style.
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The Belstaff 'Milford' Coat is made from pure Irish wool tweed bonded with a sophisticated, ultra-light microporous film, to make it waterproof without altering the natural qualities of comfort and breathability.

BAFTA winning costume designer Ray Holman was responsible for the costume design in the pilot episode of Sherlock, setting the tone for Sherlock's look and choosing what is arguably the most popular wardrobe piece of the series.

Three identical coats were purchased for the series. This is common practice in case one is damaged or lost during filming, and of course one to be worn by a stunt double. The costume department later added the red buttonhole detail on each of the coats.

Belstaff originally discontinued the coat, but after the success of Sherlock and the amount of enquiries they had regarding it, they re-launched it again in August 2010. After again selling out, the Belstaff Milford was reissued in a new colour and cut in late 2015.

"The coat was actually a couple of years old. What happened is that another chap did the pilot and he found that coat. When I took the project on, I inherited all those original costumes from the pilot. It was the only thing I kept. It was such a lovely coat - a classic. We had three of them because we obviously do stunts and need doubles. It is a lovely coat - really perfect for Benedict. He loved it, I loved it and everyone else seemed to."

- Sarah Arthur, Sherlock Costume Designer