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Green Coat   * Dr. John Watson

Green Coat
Green Coat
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The second of John's new coats in Sherlock Series Two, this debuts during the climax of A Scandal in Belgravia, but sees greater use in The Hounds of Baskerville. The coat is from the Folk spring / summer 2011 collection and is no longer available to buy. The fabric is sourced from Japan, but sadly isn't waterproof - which is presumably why John appears so uncomfortable in the rain when he meets Mycroft outside Speedys Café. Notable details include a buckled storm flap on the chest and a drawstring at the waist, modified here from the standard green to white. The coat was affectionately known by cast and crew as 'The Scarecrow Coat.'

Folk is a relatively new clothing company, founded in 2001 by Cathal McAteer. It has a total of six stores, four in London, one in Amsterdam, and the other in Munich.