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Henry Knight wears a distinctive grey herringbone wool shooting jacket in The Hounds of Baskerville. The wool features red and blue stitching running through the material, producing an unusual and rustic look. The coat is reinforced along the front to strengthen the pockets - being a shooting jacket, it would often have to bear the weight of shotgun cartridges and thus the pockets are at risk of tearing away from the coat over time.

Woolrich is an American outdoor clothing specialist, originating in Pennsylvania in 1830. The company grew from strength to strength and crossed American history, handing out blankets to Union soldiers during the Civil War, embracing the arrival of the automobile in the 1930s by creating the first product lines geared towards drivers, and supplying clothing for Antarctic expeditions under government contract. Today the company still operates its headquarters in the village of Woolrich, Pennsylvania, where it has been based since 1845.