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Lace Peignoir   * Irene Adler

Lace Peignoir
Lace Peignoir
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2 Beauchamp Place
London, SW3 1NG
No longer available

The stunning sheer green lace peignoir worn by Irene Adler while deciding on her choice of battledress is a vintage piece held in stock by costume designer Sarah Arthur, but was made by and originates from Janet Reger's store in Knightsbridge in London.

Peignoirs originate from France, where they were designed to be worn by a woman while brushing her hair. Nowadays they are more commonly purchased as night gowns.

Janet Reger was a lingerie designer who went into business in 1966 having worked as a freelance designer for Marks and Spencer, Rosy of Paris and Slix swimwear. In contrast to the pure functionality of women's underwear at the time, Janet Reger's daring designs were a striking breath of fresh air and turned lingerie into a fashion statement.