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The distinctive coat Mycroft Holmes wears throughout Series Two is a Crombie Retro Coat in navy wool herringbone. Noteworthy for the darker contrast of the collar around the neck, the coat is lightweight and suitable for year round use. The Retro has been produced in many cuts and fabrics, though the standard version is marked out by its striking red lining.  

Founded in 1805, Crombie is one of the oldest brands in the United Kingdom. The company supplied material for the uniforms of the Confederate Army in the American Civil War, as well as producing officers uniforms for the British Army and Royal Air Force in both World Wars. Crombie is most recognised for the design of its coats however, and counted King George VI amongst its customers - a fact reinstated by the company in 2009 with the reintroduction of the 'King Coat'.

Crombie has three stores in the United Kingdom, in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. The company also sells its products, including exclusives, at Harrods.