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Pocket Watch   * Mycroft Holmes

Pocket Watch
Pocket Watch
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Rather than opting for a wrist watch, Mycroft uses a vintage silver hunter-case pocket watch on a graduated Albert watch chain.

The pocket watch is key wound, and dates back to 1860 when Woodford, the makers of this watch, were established. It would likely have been the proudest possession of a man of means during this era.

The Albert watch chain is stamped on every link, and is traditionally worn across the waistcoat of a three piece suit with the pocket watch in one of the waistcoat pockets. The central bar of the chain is inserted through a button hole to secure the chain to the waistcoat, exactly as Mycroft wears it in the series.

Historically, pocket watches are the first watches designed to be worn. The first known mention of a pocket watch dates from late 1462 Italy. By the 16th Century, the manufacture of this style of watch was widespread across Europe. The popularity of the design began to fade following the First World War and the development of the wrist watch, but the symbolism of the pocket watch as a sign of status and antique class remains to this day.