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Shoes   * William Sherlock Scott Holmes

Up To £500.00
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Yves Saint Laurent
171-172 Sloane Street

Office and TK Maxx stores nationwide
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Eton Lace-up in Black Leather men's leather lace-upis the YSL interpretation of the quintessentially traditional oxford with cap toe, richly detailed perforations and expertly crafted leather sole.

"The original pair were Yves Saint Laurent - they took a bit of a hit running the streets of London! Because when you have narrow trousers and [Benedict's] got quite big feet, you have to be careful. I had them soled with a thicker sole and because Benedict is quite tall and Martin's shorter, we went for a very small heel for Sherlock. We wanted a longish line but we didn't want pointed toes. I doubled the YSL shoes with Poste which were a damn sight cheaper. They were great and very similar. I picked up a third pair from TK Maxx. They all looked essentially the same. We filmed in this underground carpark which was full of water and I was just cringing about his shoes."

- Sarah Arthur, Sherlock Costume Designer