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Suit (TRF)
Suit (TRF)
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Among the suits Mycroft Holmes wears in Sherlock Series Two is this light grey Prince of Wales three piece suit from Paul Smith. The Prince of Wales terminology refers to the check pattern in the material of the suit itself, rather than anything specific in the cut of the fabric. The Prince of Wales is usually available in shades of grey, brown and navy, and the check itself displays in either light or heavy patterning. The suit worn by Mycroft formed part of the spring / summer 2011 collection at Paul Smith, but is no longer available.

Sir Paul Smith Jr is one of the most celebrated British fashion designers, whose business is founded upon his menswear collections. His first shop opened in 1970 in Nottingham, followed by his first London store in Covent Garden in 1979. Stores have since opened worldwide including Dubai, Antwerp, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo. In September 2010 the company's first store dedicated purely to womens wear opened in Mayfair, London.